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Our chairman, Paul Anik, passed away in January 2009.  LCC 2010 is dedicated to his memory.








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Newsletter, Issue 3, February 19, 2010




IN MEMORIAM:   Our chairman, Paul Anik, passed away in January 2009. Left Coast Crime 2010 is dedicated to his memory.

Program grid will be up on the website this weekend!  The programming grid is finished and will be posted this weekend. 

Awards Banquet:  If you have not already done so, please send me an email ( and let me know if you will be coming to the awards banquet and if you would prefer the beef (beef tenderloin) or the vegetarian entrée (pasta and veggies).  Also, if you would like to bring a guest to the banquet, we will be selling tickets for the guests.  Tickets are $50.00 for the guests.  We would appreciate knowing as soon as possible if you’re purchasing a ticket for a guest so we can make sure to have a dinner available for your guest.  Thanks. 

Day Passes and the Awards Banquet:  If you’ve purchased a day pass for Saturday, it does not include the awards banquet.  If you’d like to come to the awards banquet, and you’ve purchased a Saturday day pass, the banquet ticket is $30.00.  We would appreciate knowing as soon as possible if you’ll be attending the awards banquet so we can make sure we have enough for everyone.

Michael Connelly Hosts Lunch (courtesy of historic Cole’s Restaurant) at Angels Flight:  If you’re planning to attend the reception at Angel’s Flight, let us know.  We need a headcount.  Angel’s Flight is the world’s shortest railroad – approximately 298 feet long.  The reception will be at the top of Angel’s Flight, right outside the Omni. 


Speaking of Angel’s Flight, did you know there is another series of mysteries set at Angel’s Flight? Check out Alice Duncan's Angel’s Flight and Lost Among the Angels.

Auction:  We’re getting some fun stuff for the auction!  My favorite so far is Bed, Bath and Bones.  Want to know what it is?  Tough.  Come to the auction.  And speaking of the auction, we need more stuff to auction off!  Signed books, made up baskets, signed scripts, unsigned scripts, ARCS, signed or unsigned, a character in a book, posters, artwork, whatever!  When is the auction, you ask?  Well, there are two.  The silent auction will be set up so you can wander through and place your bids on Friday and Saturday, until the Awards Banquet.  After the Awards Banquet, we will announce the winners of the silent auction and hold the live auction.  Bill Fitzhugh will be our auctioneer.  You don’t want to miss this! 


Shipping:  Shipping will be handled by; Box Brothers.  Their website is  They will be there for four hours on Saturday, and four hours on Sunday morning so you can send those newly purchased books and auction treasures home. 


Volunteers!  We need you.  Please consider donating some of your time.  Look over the programming and see if maybe there is an hour or two you wouldn’t mind being a volunteer.  Thanks.


Parking at the Omni Hotel:  BIG CHANGE.  Parking is in and out, so you can come and go all day, for one fee.  Okay, it’s not a low fee, but it’s one fee for every 24 hours.  We will be selling vouchers so you can park for $15.00 a day.  Vouchers will be available at the Left Coast Crime 2010 Registration desk (not the hotel’s registration desk), which will be open Thursday (1-5), Friday, (8-5), and Saturday (8-5).  If you need a voucher for Sunday, please get two on Saturday.  Thanks. 


Shipping:  We will have a shipping service on hand Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.


FORENSIC SCIENCE DAY IS SOLD OUT!  We have a wait list.  If you’d like to put your name on it, let me know. 





Thursday, 9:30 – 11:30, Our unofficial pre-conference docent-led Los Angeles Central Library walking tour will include a tour of the outside and inside of the Central Library.  In order to meet the docent at 10 am on Thursday, anyone interested (up to 20) should assemble in the main lobby by 9:30 a.m.  Round trip should take about 2 hours total.


Thursday, 2:15, walking tour led by Gary Phillips.  Includes City Hall, LA Times Building, and the new Police Administration Building.  Be prepared to see the sights as you walk around downtown Los Angeles.


Friday, 7:30 (meet earlier), walking tour of the Los Angeles Flower Mart led by Naomi Hirahara.  No host breakfast in the Flower Mart.  This is a walking tour!  Those on the tour should be prepared to spend a couple of hours on their feet!


Friday, 11:00, James Scott Bell Walking Tour!  We'll start at the top of Angels Flight, just outside the Omni, go down the stairs, to the Central Market, Million Dollar theatre, Bradbury building, Biddy Mason wall, the Jay Hunter killing scene, the old Subway Terminal, Pershing Square and end at the Biltmore.  There may be some surprises along the way.  Bring your walking shoes because this is a lot of walking, one downhill stairway, and one block uphill back to the Omni.  The rest is flatland, and will take about an hour and a half. 


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