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Our chairman, Paul Anik, passed away in January 2009.  LCC 2010 is dedicated to his memory.








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Newsletter, Issue 1, July 10, 2009




IN MEMORIAM:   Our chairman, Paul Anik, passed away in January 2009. Left Coast Crime 2010 is dedicated to his memory.

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 DON’T MISS FORENSIC SCIENCE DAY! March 10, 2009.  California Forensic Science Institute (CFSI) and the Crime Lab Project (CLP) in cooperation with the lab and the campus will provide expert speakers and programming for the day, as well as facilities, handouts, and A/V equipment.  This will be a 6-8 hour event and will include a tour of the Hertzberg-Davis Forensic Science Center on the CSU Los Angeles campus.  This lab serves the LAPD and the LA Sheriff's Department.  Four of the center's five floors house the largest regional “full-service” crime laboratory in the United States, providing state-of-the-art analysis of DNA, vehicles, fingerprints, blood, firearms and other types of evidence. 




 Try Fear by James Scott Bell, a mixture of humor, the law, the Catholic church and a great summer read!

 The Scarecrow by Michael Connelly-what happens to reporter Jack McEvoy after the layoffs at the Los Angeles Times.

 By Hook or By Crook by Betty Hechtman, set in Tarzana and Catalina, and featuring a cozy about books and crocheting.







 Although Jan was born in Texas , she has spent most of her life in Southern California , from which she has combined several cities to create Las Piernas, Irene Kelly’s hometown.

 She has two sisters and a brother, and remains very close to them, their parents, and several nieces, nephews, cousins and other extended family members. She and her husband, musician Tim Burke, share their home with their dogs Cappy and Britches.

 Jan is the founder of the Crime Lab Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of public forensic science. She has also served as a speaker for the National Institute of Justice, the American Society of Crime Lab Directors, the California Association of Criminalists, and other organizations. She is a member of the honorary board of the California Forensic Science Institute, which is connected to the Los Angeles Regional Crime Lab, the forensic lab the LAPD and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. She has been instrumental in organizing the Forensics Day at Left Coast Crime 2010.

 Jan is a Distinguished Alumna of California State University in Long Beach , and has taught writing classes at UCLA Extension, and was the associate editor (with Sue Grafton) for MWA’s Writing Mysteries.

 Jan’s books:

     The Irene Kelly series:

          Goodnight, Irene

          Sweet Dreams, Irene

          Dear Irene,

          Remember Me, Irene




          Flight (from Frank Harriman's point of view)




          Nine (standalone)

          The Messenger (supernatural thriller)

      Short Story Collection:

          Eighteen (short story collection)

 Visit Jan’s website at