Honolulu Havoc Newsletter: June 4, 2016


Welcome to all our new registrants since the last newsletter. Only 288 more days until Left Coast Crime in Honolulu, Hawaii!

Lefty Awards

The Left Coast Crime “Lefty” Awards are fan awards chosen by registered members of the Left Coast Crime convention. Nominations for the Lefty awards to be presented at each annual convention are made by people registered for that convention and also the immediately prior convention. A ballot listing the official nominees is given to each registrant when they check in at the convention, and final voting takes place at the convention. The ballots are tabulated and that year’s Lefty Awards are presented at the Awards Celebration.

Left Coast Crime 2017, “Honolulu Havoc,” will be presenting four Lefty Awards. The Lefty awards will be voted on at the convention and presented at the Awards Banquet on Saturday, March 18, 2017, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort.

Registrants of the 2016 and 2017 Left Coast Crime Conventions will be able to nominate three titles in each Lefty Award category. Nominations will be accepted the first two weeks of January, for the four 2017 Lefty Awards:
  • Best Humorous Mystery Novel
  • Best Historical Mystery Novel (The Bruce Alexander Memorial), covering events before 1960
  • Best Debut Mystery Novel
  • Best Mystery Novel
To be eligible, titles must have been published for the first time in the United States or Canada during 2016, in book or ebook format. (If published in other countries before 2016, a book is still eligible if it meets the US or Canadian publication requirement.)

Nomination forms will be emailed to all 2016 and 2017 LCC registrants by January 1, 2017. The nominations will be announced on January 16, 2017. Final voting for the Lefty Awards will be by paper ballot at the convention in Hawaii.

Questions about the Lefty Awards? Email Awards Co-Chairs Lucinda Surber & Stan Ulrich

Honolulu Havoc Charity

Each Left Coast Crime Convention raises money to support a local literacy organization with funds raised through a silent and live auction and the annual Quilt Raffle. Honolulu Havoc’s auction recipient is Read Aloud America, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes literacy, encourages a love of reading in adults and children, and increases children’s prospects for success in school and life. Founded in Hawaii in 1995, Read Aloud America provides Hawaiian parents with the tools they need to communicate with their children from an early age while fostering a love of books and learning. The Read Aloud program helps bridge the gap for parents who don’t have a family heritage of literacy, encouraging parents to turn off electronic media and strengthen family bonds by reading together.

All proceeds from Left Coast Crime 2017’s auction go to Read Aloud America. Anyone — reader, writer, bookseller, librarian, blogger — may donate an item or two to the silent auction. A few of you are probably thinking about your auction donations right now — it’s a good excuse not to do actual work!

You can either mail your Silent Auction donations to yourself at the hotel or bring them with you. We’ll be setting up the Silent Auction Room late Wednesday and Thursday, but we will accept donations on Friday as well.

Questions? Email Auction Chair Alain (A K) Gunn

Meet the Honolulu Havoc Committee

Gail M Baugniet: Roommate Coordinator

Gail M Baugniet is the author of the Pepper Bibeau mystery series. After college, she worked for insurance companies, in law enforcement as a police officer, and finally as a security dispatcher for twelve years. After living through many snowy winters in northern states, she now calls Honolulu her home. Gail is a member of Sisters in Crime, and is the current president of the Sisters in Crime/Hawaii chapter in Honolulu. She also published a short book of poems, and two of her short stories are included in Hawaii-based anthologies. [website]

Would you like to share a room at the convention? Email Gail if you have a hotel room to share or if you are searching for a roommate and she will match you up.

Hawaii Hints from Chair Gay Gale (and Koa)

Honolulu on a Budget

How can you eat cheaply during LCC 2017? Hilton Hawaiian Village has 20 places on the property that serve food and/or drink. While some are upscale, you can find reasonably priced places as well. Bargain eating is within a two block walk off the property. Wailana Coffee Shop is a 24 hour low-brow eatery that is one traffic light across the street. If you prefer a name you recognize - next door is an International House of Pancakes (IHOP). Down the block toward Ala Moana on the makai (ocean) side of the street, Red Lobster shares a building with Outback Steakhouse. Across the street mauka (toward the Mountains) are McDonald’s and ABC Superette which is like a little supermarket catering to short-term residents in the hotels and condos. Our most local chain is Zippy’s which you will see everywhere – Denny’s like menu with a great bakery in house. One of my favorites near the Duke Kahanamoku lagoon is the Harbor Pub which serves plentiful, cheap breakfasts popular with those who live on their boats nearby, as well as some of the best pizza in Waikiki. Upstairs is the Chart House Restaurant whose bar food during Happy Hour is both reasonable and very tasty. And it’s a great place to watch the Friday night fireworks put on by the Hilton Hawaiian Village. And if you want to work up an appetite, there are food courts with a wide variety of offerings at Ala Moana and Royal Hawaiian Shopping Centers, a bit further walk from Hilton Hawaiian Village.


Customs — Leis
Flowers are an integral part of life in Hawaii and their importance has been incorporated into daily life by the giving and receiving of a lei. Most leis are garlands strung together seamlessly of local flowers like orchids and plumeria or non-indigenous flowers like carnations. Leis may also be made of vines or nuts like the kukui. These are often presented to men, but are appropriate for either gender. Leis are presented to mark special occasions like birthdays, graduations or funerals. They are also given to honored individuals at ceremonies as well as to emcees and guest speakers at an event. It is customary to give a kiss on the cheek when presenting a lei to someone.

  • Diamond Head – to the east
    To find the Outrigger Canoe Club, go Diamond Head on Kalakaua.
  • Ewa – to the west (pronounced evah)
    Pearl Harbor is near the airport, ewa of downtown Honolulu.
  • Kapu – forbidden; keep out
    Better not go into that burned out building – it’s kapu.
  • Makai – toward the ocean
    Parking on the makai side of the street is kapu.
  • Mauka – toward the mountains
    Rain will stay mauka unless the winds shift.
  • Ono – tasty; so good
    The Kailua pork at the luau last night was ono.
  • Pau – over; done
    He cheated on me. Our relationship is pau.
  • Poke – marinated raw fish with rice
    Times Market has three new poke bowls on sale this week.
Questions about your visit to Hawaii? Email Chair Gay Gale.

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